The Idea behind Acaducate

Acaducate was my dream project from my college days. It began with my dissatisfaction from the college, methodology of teaching, quality of the content delivered and the educational system on the whole.

Many of the things that were problematic have been mentioned in one or the other posts here. Originally I just wanted to have at least a page(kind of a beware sign) saying “Things to keep in mind when choosing an Engineering College”, which gradually transformed into “How to choose an Education”, mostly due to the reason how people look at education in the environment I grew up, for these people education is just about getting a job. I discuss more on this in the posts.

I feel there is a need of people to realize that education should be used to enable them to be of value, value to their family, to the society and even to themselves. Educate yourself, work towards bringing a smile to the faces(including yours 🙂 ). This is what is the motto behind Acaducate – Acquire more than Education.

These days I use Acaducate to document my thoughts and life journey.

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