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Breaking the Habit of Complaining

“Mommy, she took my toy and won’t give it back! she’s being mean to me, and it’s not fair! Can you please tell her to be nice?”. Remember doing something similar when you sibling was bothering you?Growing up, many of us develop a habit of complaining, which often carries over into adulthood. While it’s natural to express dissatisfaction, constant complaining… Read more →

Embracing Trade-Offs

In life, we often face decisions that require us to weigh the pros and cons of various options. Rather than searching for absolute solutions, it’s essential to think in terms of trade-offs – finding the best balance between competing factors. At work I constantly deal with a similar situation, discussing with team mates to settle on a solution to a… Read more →

Love-Hate Relationship with the Pomodoro Technique

As someone constantly seeking to improve my productivity, I had stumbled upon the Pomodoro Technique a few years ago. I would say, I’m still exploring this time management method, I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with it. The Pomodoro Technique: The Pomodoro Technique, created by Francesco Cirillo, involves breaking work into short, focused intervals (usually 25 minutes) called “Pomodoros,” followed by… Read more →

Acquiring new skills: My thoughts

While there are many paths to personal growth and development, some approaches may be more effective than others. In this post I just wanted to mention a few ways I think we add new life skills Pick Something Random Sometimes, progress can come from the most unexpected places. Picking a random topic to learn about or skill to develop can… Read more →

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You are not defined by your {insert here}(stars, likes, followers etc)

While looking at one of the social media platforms (Linkedin), I was looking at how some people that I know have grown in terms of the number of followers and likes (and several other metrics that tell how good you are doing on social media). This made me think, Does it matter to me? If the answer is yes then… Read more →

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The productivity puzzle : 7 mistakes to avoid

As with other articles this piece is my thinking and my experiments with productivity. When I talk about productivity it is about how to manage your day in a way that you get the maximum possible output. Understanding productivity from different angles A certain technique may work very well for individuals in one line of work vs another.When I was… Read more →

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Why is “creating” difficult? and How to be a “creator”

Fooling around – doesn’t feel like waste of time 1 hour spent watching useless Youtube videos, Whatsapp Statuses, Reading Medium and Quora Creating something – Feels like a waste of time Who is going to read/watch/listen to my blog/video/podcast, can’t afford to spend time on that. It’s pretty strange but this is how my mind seems to have been working. … Read more →

Finding inspiration from the novice and not the master

Finding inspiration from the novice and not the master

Many of us have talents that we would want to showcase, but there might be hesitation and fear.The question “Am I really that good?” might haunt you before you decide to go public with your talent.When I say go public it might be anything. It can be, what I am doing right now – writing a blog. You might be… Read more →

In the 'race of life' you are destined to ‘win’ provided you are willing to run.

In the ‘race of life’ you are destined to ‘win’ provided you are willing to run.

We are not talking about races and how competitive life is. The title is just fancy way of saying,  that if you really want to see yourself doing/achieving something, you first have to start. “Well begun is half done”, is something that most of us would have read or heard at some part of our life(if not, this is the… Read more →